Our purpose

"As a family business, our focus has always been on the long-term impact we have on both the environment and the community, not just our financial success."
Charlie Bigham, Founder

More than 25 years ago, Charlie set out to build a brilliant food business that would stand the test of time. Today we’re still an independent family business, an active part of our communities, an innovator for sustainability and the environment.


Re-thinking our packaging

Given the care we put into our food, boxing it in plastic just doesn’t feel right. That’s why, 15 years ago, we introduced wooden trays. Having found a French family business making cheese boxes from PEFC-certified poplar, we tested the wood to check it was food-safe and oven-friendly. And when we finally found a glue that wouldn’t melt, everything fell into place. The trays took time to perfect, but we’re proud of them. We didn’t stop there, though. From ceramic dishes to recyclable cardboard and plastic film, we always think beyond the (wooden) box. 

Tackling food waste

"We want to make sure that not a single mouthful
of food that is edible ends up going to waste."

- Charlie Bigham

Fresh food is too good to waste, especially when there are people who regularly go hungry. Through our charitable giving, we work with some fantastic charities to make sure that surplus food from our kitchens finds its way to someone’s plate. Over the years, we’ve donated thousands of meals, surplus ingredients and more to London-based City Harvest. And since 2022, we’ve donated meals to FareShare South West, part of a country-wide network of charities that tackle food waste and hunger. Take a look at our latest Impact Report to find out more.


B Corp certification didn’t exist when we first started out, but since day one, we’ve always worked hard to look after our people, our communities and our environment. In 2020, we were awarded B Corp certification, a milestone that recognises us as a company that uses the power of our business to build a more inclusive, sustainable – and all-round better – world. Our Overall B Impact Score is currently 83.2, and we work on ways to keep on improving every single day .


Freshness is key to making our meals so delicious, and we care deeply about sourcing the very best ingredients from suppliers we really trust. Every ingredient we use is fully traceable, so we know where it comes from – a big task given how many fresh ingredients arrive at our kitchens each day.

When it comes to ingredients, the details matter. Details like our wild caught fish being Marine Stewardship Council certified, and all our herbs being LEAF marque assured. Or the fact that we only use British beef from cows that have been grazed outside for at least 120 days a year.

Giving back

We’ve always loved working with charities involved with food, whether that’s preparing, cooking or enjoying it. Each year, we aim to donate 2.5% of our profits (after tax) to fund good causes that are close to our food-loving heart.

Impact Report

We’re delighted to be able to share our Impact Report with you. Inside, you can read about our ongoing support for charities, and why we’re so proud to be a Certified Great Place to Work.