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What is Ultra Processed Food (UPF)? And what does this mean for Charlie Bigham's dishes?
Can I cook your dishes in an air fryer?
Can I cook your dishes in the microwave?
How do I cook your meals once they have been frozen?
I can't eat gluten - which dishes can I have?
I can't eat dairy - which dishes can I have?
What can I do with my leftover ramekins?
Who is Charlie Bigham?
Where can I buy Charlie Bigham's dishes?
Where do your ingredients come from?
Is your chicken free range?
Where do you source your palm oil from?
How many people does each pack serve?
What are the holes/perforations around my dish?
Can I freeze your dishes?
Where does your meat come from?
Where does your fish come from?
I hear you do puddings now, what are they?
I have a question, how do I contact you?
Are any of your dishes vegan friendly?
What is your policy on animal welfare?
Where can I find allergy information?
Do you do mini meals/smaller portion meals?
Are your eggs pasturised?
Do you use Soya Lethicin in chocolate?
Does your fish pie contain shellfish/crustaceans?
Are your ceramic dishes dishwasher safe?
Why do some of your gas mark temperatures not tally with the electric instructions?
Why have you decided to change to using hake instead of cod?
Where does your hake come from?
Where do your wooden trays come from?
Can I recycle your packaging?

Still have questions?